Welcome to TurningPoint Management

Turning points come many times and take many forms over the life of an organization.

Sometimes you’re dealing with challenges that threaten to hold you back. Other times you’re trying to capitalize on opportunities for growth and expansion. The challenges and opportunities can be internal to your organization or they can be external circumstances that are impacting your business.

TurningPoint Management is a group of experienced business leaders who have faced the issues that many organizations face. Our consultants have worked in multi-national organizations, publically and privately held companies, in service industries as well as in manufacturing and employee-owned businesses and non-profits.

If your organization is at a turning point, you want the experience of TurningPoint Management by your side.

Our services

At TurningPoint Management, we strive to provide the widest and most diverse set of skills and competencies through the consultants we partner with. We are accomplished executives with successful track records helping organizations manage challenges and capitalize on opportunities in any of the these areas.

Finance and Accounting

From basic accounting to complex financial analysis, we help organizations achieve long-term financial success.

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Strategic and Business Planning

Set priorities and direction, focus energy and resources, establish the means for achieving desired outcomes

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Marketing and Sales

Defining your ideal customers and then delivering the right messages at the right times in the right places throughout the customer’s life cycle.

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Human Resources and Governance

Attracting, developing and retaining business leaders and advisory boards to meet current needs and future growth.

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Product Development and Management

Long term growth and profitability relies on the ability to rapidly innovate and expertly manage products and services.

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Project Management

Undertaking mergers, acquisitions, divestitures or other complex projects requires a specialized skill set adept in balancing the strategic and the tactical.

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Areas of expertise

We apply our skills, experience, and knowledge to address different types of issues. We are prepared to address the concrete as well as the conceptual.

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Discrete, specific, tactical issues

These types of issues exist in your business here and now and often feel like the most urgent issues. Thankfully, they also are often the kinds of functions that can be outsourced such as accounting, human resources, and marketing.


Complex, strategic issues

These issues involve bigger, strategic questions the business must answer such relating to ownership and succession, long-term growth objectives, new products, new markets, new geographies, changes to the business model, etc.


Interpersonal Issues

In family-owned and managed businesses, the same dynamics that define the family relationships also exist in the business. Little lasting progress can be made in addressing business issues without also addressing the personalities of the ownership and management.